Rough Collie Dogs : Miss Delia Moores (Manordeifi)
Rough Collie Bitches : Miss Marianne Benton (Oakestelle)
Smooth Collies : Mrs Eleanor Oliver (Amberglen)
B.I.S. & Referee : Mrs Lyn Westby (Lowerpark)

BIS BVIS [Smooth]:Ch. Hilltarn Valentine JW
RBIS/BOSIS:Sassari Maid In Suffolk
BPIS [Smooth] Manordeifi Miss Daisy At Newwarp
RBPIS Sassari Mister Snow


Veteran 1

1st Redola My Three Wishes

Minor Puppy 6

1st Sassari Mister Snow BPIB

2nd Welanga Kings Day At Ladnar

3rd Lizmark Gold Merchant

Res Lizmark Gold Standard

VHC Karibuni Dances With Wolves

Puppy 1

1st Tremaro Mystic Dream

Junior 2

1st Takhisis Elektric Night

2nd Lizmark Black Gold

Novice 3

1st Takhisis Elektric Night

2nd Ingledene I Am Legend

3rd Lizmark Black Gold

Graduate 5

1st Cotswoldway Moonshine

2nd Ingledene I Am Legend

3rd Hamisks Houdini

Res Collingvale Cast A Spell Over Terelimon

VHC Lizmark Amber Jewel

Post Graduate 4

1st Lizmark Solid Gold

2nd Mejola Prince Of Darkness

3rd Bellcot Winter Bliszard

Res Samhaven Goldsmith

Limit 5

1st Cotswoldway Solomons Gold RBD

2nd Damas Diamond Legend

3rd Lizmark Moonglow

Res Mejola Prince Of Darkness

VHC Samhaven Goldsmith

Open 5 Transferred 1

1st Sassari Maid In Suffolk BOB RBIS

2nd Alfsden Hallelujah

3rd Tudorlyn New Hope

Res Redola Daydream Believer

VHC Lizmark Black Gold

ROUGH Bitches

Veteran 4 [2]

1st Neneland Natural Spirit At Alfsden J.W.BVIB

2nd Little Caramel Jem At Tudorlyn

Minor Puppy 5 [1]

1st Tremaro Tainted Love At Rahlissa

2nd Lynmead Amalie Aim For Love Over Sambreeze

3rd Takhisis Lady Natasha

Res Lizmark Golden Girl

Puppy 4 [1] 1 Transfer 1 W/D

1st Tremaro Gin Fizz BPB

Junior 5 [2]

1st Camanna Chasing Secrets

2nd Lizmark Gold Nugget

3rd Sassari Saffron

Novice 1 1 W/D

Graduate 6

1st Ladnar Skylark J.W.RBB

2nd Damos Dreamwalker

3rd Karibuni Candle In The Wind

4th Lizmark Startime

Res Tudorlyn Tiger Lily

Post Graduate 5

1st Takhisis Lady Elektra

2nd Rahlissa Love Unlimited With Melayla

3rd Caronlea Celtic Quest

Res Tudorlyn Golden Caramel Gem

VHC Alfsden Never Say Never

Limit 1

1st Tudorlyn Little Princess RBOB BOS

Open 2 [1]1W/D


Veteran Dog/Bitch 4 [1]1Tranfer

1st Ch. Hilltarn Valentine J.W BB BOB BIS BVIS

2nd Ch. Alopex Highland Fling RBD

Puppy Dog/Bitch 4 Transferred 1

1st Manordeifi Miss Daisy At Newarp BP BPIS

2nd Southcombe Summer Special At Dawcher

3rd Manordeifi Dionysus At Hilltarn

Res Ryecombe Duncan Disorderly At Kimbru

VHC Ryecombe Deb'n Air

Junior Dog/Bitch No Entries

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch 1

1st Cownbred Highly Motivated

Limit Dog/Bitch 1 [1]

Open Dog 2 [1]

1st Ch. Eridor Im Mr Blu At Newarp (Imp Aus) BD RBOB

Open Bitch 1

1st Alopex Little Summer RBB