Rough Collie Dogs - Verna Hills
Rough Collie Bitches - Jane Lilley
Smooth Collie - Ms P Meacham 
Referee & BIS Bill Goddard



Rough Dogs

Puppy Dog 4 entries
1 Takhisis Neon Knight... RBD BPIB 
2 Darahill Chaos at Sablemyst
3 Danrox Wicked Desire

Junior 1 entry
1 Collingvale Cast A Spell Over Terelimon

Novice No Entries

Graduate 4 entries
1 Collingvale Cast A Spell Over Terelimon
2 Lizmark Solid gold
3 Bellcot Winter Bliszard
4 Samhaven Goldsmith

Post Grad 4 entries
1 Antoc Kiss The Girls
2 Tudorlyn New Hope
3 Samhaven Goldsmith

Limit 4 entries
1 Magenta Monet BOB
2 Samhaven Chaser
3 Lizmark Moonglow

Open dog 3 entries
1 Takhisis High Voltage
2 Samhaven Chaser

Veteran 2 entries
1 Antoc Dark Moon Rising JW
2 Maqueeba Bllue Lance of Lizmark

Rough Bitches 

Puppy 8 entries
1 Darahill Crazy Love BPB
2 Atendus Shared Wish
3 Saganan Lady True Blue
4 Danrox Simply Wicked
5 Samhaven Temptation Ladnar

Junior 3 entries
1 Ingledene Boogie Nite at Jards
2 Tudorlyn Little Princess
3 Caronlea label Me Lovely

Novice 2 entries
1 Saganan Dancing For Joy
2 Maqueeba Hollly Love of Life at Malina

Graduate 7 entries
1 Atendus Quick Step To Antoc BB RBOB BOS
2 Caronlea Celtic Quest
3 Lynmead Look Gracefully over Collingvale
4 Tudorlyn Tiger Lilly
5 ?

Post Grad 1 entry
1 Rendalea Crystal Clear at Jards

Limit 5 entries
1 Danrox Wicked Affair
2 Francheska from Antoc
3 Amalie Let Me Be At Collingvale JW
4 Takhisis Lady Eleanor
5 Maqueeba Black Beauty Dream

Open 1 entry
1 Buebezi Belle Mystique De Cathyja (Imp Fra)

Veteran 4 entries
1 Little Caramel Jem At Tudorlyn BVB
2 Pellismer Popcorn With Collingvale JW ShCM

Smooth Collies

Puppy (1 abs)
1st Neytiri Eye of Away BP

1st Neytiri Tsu Tay warrior
...2nd DawcherDawns Ray of Light

Post Grad (2abs)
1st Shulune Imperial Guard at Hylaird
2nd Southcombe Starman
3rdManordeifi Silver Sparkle
4th Freejack Midnight dazzler

1st Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle BOB BIS
2nd Alopex Little Summer
3rd Manordeifi Shadow Chaser BD
4th Shulune Imperial warrior at Hylaird

Open dog (2abs)
1st Norfield Silver Knight for Freejack

Open Bitch (1abs)
1st Ch Dawcher Dream Searcher RBB
2nd Ch Hilltarn Valentine BV
3rd Alopex out of the Blue
4th Freejack a Touch of Magic

Veteran (1abs)
1st Alopex Going Equipped RBD
2nd Manordeifi Silver Dawn
3rd CH Southcombe Sweet as a Nut
4th Chicnor Lil Little Love via Snuggletooth