The L & P CC.Club is the oldest collie club in England. The Club’s foundations can be traced to early 1906, when interested Collie enthusiasts from London and surrounding areas, including Mr R. H. Roberts ‘Ashtead’, met to establish a new regional Collie Society aimed at encouraging the small and novice fancier living within a 50 mile radius of London.

Under the guiding influence of secretary Mr E. Davies ‘Colindale’ and Kennel Club registered from the outset, its early events were often confined to monthly matches, membership only shows, and members’ only classes or specials at London based Championship Shows including Cruft’s.

It caters for all Collie lovers in the London and South-East area although members come, and are welcome, from all over the British Isles and indeed the world. Our shows are particularly noted for their friendly atmosphere where Specials are on offer to VHC in every class for both Roughs and Smooths.

The aim of the club is to promote and encourage the responsible breeding and ownership of the Rough and Smooth Collie and to provide events and social gatherings for the breeds and its owners. We encourage junior handlers giving professional advice from our experienced members.

You can read more about the Club's history on the Rough Collie Breed Council website HERE